Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ben Ohmart of Bear Manor Media and David Boyer The Plagiarist: Why?

Why is Ben Ohmart not changing the lie in Boyer's bio?
  (He was made aware over two months ago.)

What is the connection between Ben Ohmart, publisher, and David Boyer, documented plagiarist?

What is Bear Manor Media's stance on plagiarism and plagiarists?
What does Ben Ohmart's lack of action say?

Here is Ben Ohmart's Bear Manor Media page as it appears today:
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Previous post on Ben Ohmart and David Boyer from weeks ago:

UPDATE: Ben Ohmart has removed the following pages as of 1/31/2011

Another reason to question Bear Manor Media and Ben Ohmart:

However, the books Ben Ohmart states are not for sale on his website are still for sale as of today!

And here are screen captures from today of the books for sale on Ben Ohmart's Bear Manor Media site:

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Direct Link:

Here is a screen capture from one of Boyer's sites directing people to where his books can still be purchased:

MySpace Tracker

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