Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boyer Continues to Plagiarize - now under same alias used for funding campaign on Indiegogo

Post Summary:
  • Boyer, as Killian, plagiarizes another story from the anthology The Living Dead, edited by John Joseph Adams.
  • Boyer lies and denies he is "Sean Killian."
  • Boyer finally claims "Sean Killian" after issue at Indiegogo.

Darrell Schweitzer - The Dead Kid
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"Sean Killian" - Summer Ghosts
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 Note: Jeani Rector and Lisa Morton found the first connection between the two stories.
Support and celebrate real authors by treating yourself to a few books from Jeani and Lisa.


Boyer denies he is "Sean Killian."
Boyer's denial in August 2011
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Boyer's denial in February 2012
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Boyer now claims "Sean Killian" as his alter ego.
Boyer's site as captured on March 19th
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Indiegogo correspondence from March 21st
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Boyer's site as it appears on March 28th
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Monday, March 19, 2012

David Boyer wants your money!

 However, he is pretending to be someone else in order to loosen your purse strings.

(Please click to enlarge)
(The above screen capture is provided for the purpose of news and criticism.)

Boyer is using his old alias "Sean Killian" for fundraising.

Please see for yourself:
If these sites go down, I have full copies with all the links.

(Boyer is already working to cover up any connections to his new alias "Darren Oberhaus" and his alias "Sean Killian.")


For those wondering about Judy Cerda:
She knows about Boyer's use of multiple aliases and acts of plagiarism.
(She was contacted via email back in mid 2011.)

(The following screen captures are provided for the purpose of news and criticism.)




  1. It's really unfair and a lie for you to accuse me of knowing about plagiarism involving Dave or anyone. I know nothing of the sort. Just because someone (whom I didn't know) wrote to me accusing Dave of things doesn't mean that it's true and if it is, I have nothing to do with his writing and therefore am not involved. As for aliases, many directors and writers use different names for their film companies. I know one director who has three different names depending on which company he is working for and that doesn't mean he is doing anything illegal. If you have a problem with him, you have no right to make accusations against me. That makes me question your character alot.
  2. Unfortunately, Judy, you were not only notified of the situation, you were also provided with links to the assembled evidence.

    As, for aliases, there are those people who use them to provide different personas, but there also plagiarists such as David Boyer who hide behind them when pirating other people’s works. The difference between these two rationale’s is obvious.

Below is the email exchange in which Judy is informed about Boyer.
She states she did read the information.

(Please click to enlarge)

(Please click to enlarge)

Links from the above email to Judy:

David Boyer, The Plagiarist from Vincennes, Indiana has a new alias: Darren Oberhaus

Please check later on http://b-thoughtful2.blogspot.com for more information and screenshots

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Check out the following post:
David Boyer wants your money!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Updates to News and Criticism is back reporting after the needed break

As history suggests, David Boyer appears to continue on with his acts of fraud and plagiarism.  

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Info to follow...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday, October 21, 2011

Repost from Ferrel "Rick" Moore - An Open Letter to Amazon

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They're big, they've got money and clout and we all need their help to protect our works from plagiary for profit, a.k.a. Consumer Fraud.

Here's the letter I just sent them:

October 19, 2011

Legal Dept.
P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226

Reference File No. 10-CP-62157, Consumer Fraud Filing, Office of the Indiana Attorney General, Consumer Fraud Division. Filed with Deputy Attorney General Tom Irons, 302 W. Washington St., 5th Floor, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Dear Amazon Legal Department:

I want you to write a letter.

My name is Ferrel D. Moore and I’ve filed the Consumer Fraud Complaint cited above against the plagiarizing publisher David Boyer of Vincennes, IN. Mr. Boyer has plagiarized over 60 writers and is currently producing extensively plagiarized books using your publishing services and selling these products to unsuspecting consumers using Amazon’s storefront.

Two examples of this are his books “Shadow Dolls” and “Mystery Indiana.” In them, he has plagiarized Richard Matheson, Mr. Matheson’s son, George R.R. Martin and many others. To see the extent of his documented plagiaries, you may visit the site we prepared for Mr. Irons, the Deputy Attorney General of the state of Indiana, Consumer Fraud Division. The website address is https://sites.google.com/site/bthoughtful/

The National Writers Union, Local 1981 UAW, the SFWA and the HWA have all written Mr. Irons in support of my filing, as well as hundreds of writers across the country.

I and many other authors have filed consumer fraud charges against Mr. Boyer. We are filing consumer fraud because the laws apply. He is selling stolen works, re-packaging them under false label as his own works and then selling them to consumers across the country using Amazon’s publishing services and storefront to profit even though this leads to the “…leads to sales wherein the consumers either do not receive the good or service or the good or service is materially different than what the seller initially represented it to be.” Which is, in a word, consumer fraud.

To the best of all of our knowledge, Amazon is unknowingly participating in this enterprise. Amazon’s reputation for dealing swiftly and efficiently with such instances of fraud is impeccable.

It is for this reason that I’m asking you to send a letter of support for our efforts to treat this as consumer fraud. We, both the writers and cited organizations supporting our efforts, understand that copyright violations are involved. These avenues are, however, too expensive for the average writer to pursue, especially when the matter crosses state lines. For example, I spent over $7,000 having my works removed from his books that you and others published.

Consumer fraud is a different matter. There is no cost for a writer to file a consumer fraud complaint with the appropriate state Attorney General’s Office.

But we need your help to stop this plagiarizing publisher and others like him. He changes his name, changes his book titles, and then publishing the same stolen works all over again. But you have his social security number, which he uses to publish these works. It doesn’t mean that every word he publishes is plagiarized. It takes time to dig into that.

In cases such as those documented on the website I directed you to, the evidence is clear.

Would you please consider sending a letter to the Deputy Attorney General of the State of Indiana supporting the principal of my Consumer Fraud filing? You are not the police force for the book world, but you are the single strongest, most respected presence in the world for the written word and we very much need your help.

Google David Boyer, plagiarist. See what you come up with.

Then write a letter, if you think the cause is just, to:

Deputy Attorney General Tom Irons
Office of the Indiana State Attorney General
Consumer Fraud Division
302 W. W. Washington St., 5th Floor,
Indianapolis, IN 46204

I’m posting this as an open letter to you on my writers blog http://thewriterandthewhitecat.blogspot.com so that the other hundreds of other writers sending letters to Mr. Irons and organizations who have done the same can see what I’m asking. There are too many of them involved to contact them separately.

Ferrel D. Moore
White Cat Publications, LLC.
33080 Industrial Road
Livonia, MI 48150

Consumer Fraud Alert - David Boyer's Book of Patchwork Plagiarism, "Shadow Dolls," is still for sale on Amazon by CreateSpace.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jeani Rector of The Horror Zine Catches David Boyer Plagiarizing Martin Amis

"London Fields" by Martin Amis
(Please click to enlarge)

David Boyer's "Box of Worms"
(Published in 15 Terrors, City of the Dead: Tales of Urban Terror, Genres, and Jar of Flies)

Please visit The Horror Zine to thank Jeani Rector for her work protecting authors.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Further proof that David Boyer committed Consumer Fraud in "Shadow Dolls."

David Boyer put his name on “Shadow Dolls,” and this is false labeling.  David Boyer didn’t write it, he just labels the book as if he did.  In fact, it is a mish-mash of stolen works from other writers.

Below is a further example.  In it, we see that he plagiarized J. Rychwa’s story in “Shadow Dolls,” thereby proving "...  the product he is selling is materially different than what the seller represented it to be."

Under the law, this is Consumer Fraud.

J. Rychwa's Story:

(Please  click to enlarge)

Boyer's Plagiarized Version:

 (Please click to enlarge)

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

George R.R. Martin, another Victim of David Boyer the Consumer Fraud Serial Plagiarist?

Note: a special thanks to the members of http://asoiaf.westeros.org for their assistance.
(the thread was locked before I could thank you in the forum)

"The Poor Disguise" Although the writer has retained the essential content of the source, he or she has altered the paper's appearance slightly by changing key words and phrases.  http://www.plagiarism.org/plag_article_types_of_plagiarism.html

Note: Boyer has plagiarized this story in novels and in short stories. What is shown here is only one of many. Boyer takes different parts from Martin's story in his different novels and short stories.
(Due to the extensive plagiarism of Boyer, time restricts my ability to display all the incidents at this time.)

George R. R. Martin's "Meathouse Man"

Boyer's Version
(as of today it's for sale)

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

David Boyer - The Patchwork Plagiarist

"Hannibal and Clarice: A Love Untold" is the bonus story included in "Shadow Dolls."

Within the 22 pages of this story, David Boyer plagiarized nine separate pieces of work from eight different authors.
(His victims are two well known and successful musicians and six fan fiction writers who share their writing for love, not profit.)

Boyer is taking his plagiarism to a still lower level by sewing together various parts of other writer’s works into one new work. In the process, he not only plagiarizes their works, but he also destroys the individuality of these writer’s works.  As an example of this, consider the bonus story in “Shadow Dolls” called “Hannibal and Clarice: A Love Untold."  In this short piece, as you will see, he plagiarizes 8 separate writers in his attempt to make it appear that the new “creation” is his own.

Natasha Von Lecter's "Burning Heart"

Boyer's Version
(Page 198-199 of "Shadow Dolls")

Abygonevexation's "Hannibal's Letter"
(please click to enlarge)

Boyer's Version
(Page 199-200 of "Shadow Dolls")

Luna's "The End"
(please click to enlarge)

Boyer's Version
(Pages 201-202 in "Shadow Dolls")

Alouette's "Getting The Knowledge"


Boyer's Version
(Pages 202-203 in "Shadow Dolls")

Jane Moss's "Burning Hearts"

Boyer's Version
(Pages 204-207 in "Shadow Dolls")

Sade's "No Ordinary Love"

In Shadow Dolls, David Boyer has this as a poem written by a character.
Boyer does not give credit to Sade.

Boyer's Version
(Page 207 in "Shadow Dolls")

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China Mail's "Beauty and Her Beast"

Boyer's Version
(Pages 211-212 in "Shadow Dolls")

Natasha Von Lecter's "Becoming"

Boyer's Version
(Pages 213-220 in "Shadow Dolls")

Shania Twain's
"It Only Hurts When I Breathe"
In Shadow Dolls, David Boyer has this as a poem written by a character.
Boyer does not give credit to Shania Twain.

Boyer's Version
(Page 220 in "Shadow Dolls")

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