Saturday, July 30, 2011

David Boyer Plagiarizes Nickolaus Pacione?

Take a look: 

On one of David Boyer's first attempts at a fiction magazine website, Boyer posted a piece of fiction submitted by Nickolaus Pacione titled A Mind Of Illness:

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Here is the same story published June 3, 2011 in a David Boyer self published anthology under the title Hotel Purgatory:
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Nicholaus Pacione's  comment:
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  1. Oddly enough, his first paragraph had me envisioning antique pie racks. As the author opens the door, and peers inside, pies magically form on each shelf.

    I wonder whether this particular instance of plagiarism is simply Davey's way of getting back at Pacione for bitching about the plagiarized submissions of Davey's that he published.

  2. I am coming for him. Mind of Illness is one of my lesser known works, but Sam Young had plagiarized my works in the past. This is personal. Thanx for the heads up. He changed the first paragraph. Now I am gunning for him. Sam Young do the world a favor and shut the fuck up.

  3. Sam Young -- shut your hole. The story itself is one of those that came from a nightmare and it might not be something people wouldn't understand. Boyer never was one for complex ideas or able to come up with an idea of his own for that matter. The loser named Robert Baupader is another one she should go after -- especially since the fag, AngryInilinois, is trying to say I am Boyer when I am not.