Thursday, July 28, 2011

David Boyer of Vincennes, Indiana: New Alias and New Plagiary?

Boyer active as George LaCroix/George D. LaCroix?

See for yourself.

New site:

On Storymania:

Magazines that have published him:
UPDATE: Story Removed  

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UPDATE: Story Removed
(Please click to enlarge)  (This site has removed the story as far as I can tell, but it still appears in Google's cache.)

Boyer's recent act of possible plagiary is of the story "Vegas" by Ellen Maze from the book Feckless published by TreasureLine Books.

 Here is Boyer/LaCroix's  version:

An email from David Boyer:
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Boyer's Magazine:

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  1. Yes, he has plagiarized my story VEGAS. I'm in the club with everyone else now!

    Thank you for alerting me.

    Ellen C. Maze

  2. PS: At least my official version is formatted beautifully in the anthology FECKLESS, where David can't figure out how to set the margins on anything he publishes.

  3. How does he get away with this without punishment? Isn't this blatant theft? I must be completely naive to think criminals like this are punished, but it's clear to me he must have broken some laws in reprinting someone else's work as his own.