Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yes, Dean Koontz knows David Boyer Plagiarized Him...and Boyer knows he's been Busted!

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When the Dean Koontz plagiarized story was for sale:

As of today, Thr Grand Design is no longer for sale.

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  1. Yes, thanks to your diligence, B, Dean Koontz will take legal action against David Boyer.

    Finally, all of his victims will now see justice.

    Again, B, thanks for your diligence on behalf of all of David Boyer's victims.

    Jeani Rector, Editor
    The Horror Zine

  2. Awesome news. Congratulations. Justice will prevail.

  3. I have a print edition of "The grand design" which I bought at Amazon in case further concrete proof is required for Mr. Koontz to use against him.

  4. Good looking out Cuss! He thought he was being slick by pulling The Grand Design from circulation, but you were a few steps ahead. Congrats to all involved!