Monday, March 7, 2011

David Boyer The Prolific Plagiarist- On The Posting of His Dean Koontz Plagiarism

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The text displayed from The Bad Place by Dean Koontz story are solely for the purpose of reporting and criticizing David Boyer's plagiarism.


  1. Clearly Mr. Boyer isn't well-versed in fair use doctrine. Re-printing a portion (although not the whole) of an author's story, along with a plagiarized version of same, so that one can highlight the similarities and make the case for plagiarism...that pretty clearly falls on the side of fair use.

    Not to mention, I'm pretty sure that Mr. Koontz will come down on the side of our gracious host here, as opposed to the man who is threatening to alert him to her web presence. You see...he's the one who's been PLAGIARIZED BY DAVID BOYER. On the plus side for Mr. Boyer, though, saying you'll alert the victim of a crime you committed against someone who's revealing the commission -- well, that takes a lot of chutzpah. I admit I'm a bit impressed by that.

  2. More hubris than chutzpah, I think. As for Davey-boy's convenient Christianity, he's only given us his dubious words to prove it's a true faith. If he'd been paying attention in the 'church' he claims to attend, he'd know that there is no forgiveness without confession and contrition both. Deeds not words, Davey-boy. Crack open that Bible you pretend to revere and catch up on your reading, or else be truthful at least with yourself and give up on your blasphemous violation of the Third Commandment. Stealing and bearing false witness were bad enough without adding taking the Lord's name in vain to your list of transgressions. And yes, I did actually go to church yesterday, and I did pray for you.

  3. Not chutzpah at all, it's a ploy as transparent as plastic wrap. It's like saying "Don't tell my mommy I stole your crayons; I'll tell her myself." Suuuuure you will, Davey. ;)