Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Plagiarist David Boyer of Vincennes, Indiana Tries To Make Nice With Ramsey Campbell and Commits Libel In The Process

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Boyer said he 'used' Mr. Moore's story.  If one stole a car and sold it, apologizing for 'using' the car would seem very silly and inaccurate.

Call it what it is - theft, or in the case of a story, plagiarism.
(other issues include apologizing under an alias, not providing a list of all his aliases and stories plagiarized, and not responding in the time frame required, which was before Mr. Moore's meeting with a lawyer)

See what actually happened, click this link:


  1. Wow. He sure spouted a lot of sh*t and still managed to avoid the question of plagiarizing yet another person.

    Oh, and Davey Boy, I'm open to getting emails as well: maddening.illusions@gmail.com

  2. He has a lot of nerve complaining about being harrassed, when he is simply being asked to explain why he plagiarized other's work. He feels cornered and is simply lashing out and making up lies to make people believe that he is a victim, but there's just too much truth out there to counter his lies.

  3. Did anyone else notice that Boyer didn't add his "I wanna apologize and kiss your ass because I'm getting stomped for being a jerkoff" to Ramsey on the site where he attempted to insult a man so far above him that Boyer can't even touch him?