Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is David Boyer's Self- Described Mentor, Mike McCarty, mistaken or did he lie?

This morning Predator/Plagiarist David Boyer emailed me with accusations.

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I have not changed Mike McCarty's words, nor omitted any.

Here is the complete email exchange that was forwarded to me.

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I am completely puzzled by Mike McCarty.

Why did he lie and claim his email had been altered?

I wonder how many documented plagiarisms and copyright infringements it takes for author to become a plagiarist?

When did Mike McCarty first know about David Boyer's Plagiarism?

Did Mike McCarty recommend The Plagiarist David Boyer for Stoker Awards?

Worth reading: 

UPDATE : An Email from David Boyer

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  1. I can clearly see that this Mike is either lying or has forgotten what he said and did not bother to look it up to be certain.

  2. If this is the same guy as here: and here: then you'd think he'd be supporting people like Lisa Morton, not David Brainless Boyer. Unless, of course, that's not really Mike Mccarty's email, but one appropriated under his name by someone else (Oh, who would do such a thing??)

  3. I noticed that on the HWA site, the book or whatever Mccarty is recommended for a Stoker is published by ...waitforit.. BEAR MANOR!

    Co-inky-dinky? I think not!