Thursday, October 13, 2011

George R.R. Martin, another Victim of David Boyer the Consumer Fraud Serial Plagiarist?

Note: a special thanks to the members of for their assistance.
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"The Poor Disguise" Although the writer has retained the essential content of the source, he or she has altered the paper's appearance slightly by changing key words and phrases.

Note: Boyer has plagiarized this story in novels and in short stories. What is shown here is only one of many. Boyer takes different parts from Martin's story in his different novels and short stories.
(Due to the extensive plagiarism of Boyer, time restricts my ability to display all the incidents at this time.)

George R. R. Martin's "Meathouse Man"

Boyer's Version
(as of today it's for sale)

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  1. By now, you'd have thought Natural Selection would have stepped in and dealt with Brainless Boyer...

  2. Why would natural selection bother? No one else has. Hopefully the Attorney General does a few things to remind him of the meaning of copyright laws.