Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boyer Continues to Plagiarize - now under same alias used for funding campaign on Indiegogo

Post Summary:
  • Boyer, as Killian, plagiarizes another story from the anthology The Living Dead, edited by John Joseph Adams.
  • Boyer lies and denies he is "Sean Killian."
  • Boyer finally claims "Sean Killian" after issue at Indiegogo.

Darrell Schweitzer - The Dead Kid
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"Sean Killian" - Summer Ghosts
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 Note: Jeani Rector and Lisa Morton found the first connection between the two stories.
Support and celebrate real authors by treating yourself to a few books from Jeani and Lisa.


Boyer denies he is "Sean Killian."
Boyer's denial in August 2011
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Boyer's denial in February 2012
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Boyer now claims "Sean Killian" as his alter ego.
Boyer's site as captured on March 19th
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Indiegogo correspondence from March 21st
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Boyer's site as it appears on March 28th
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